May 2020

Welcome to YEP-D Workshop 2020

Welcome to YEP-D Workshop 2020,

For its fifth event since 2016, YEP-D Workshop is now open for your
applications. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our organizing committee evaluated
the current conditions and concluded that conducting the event as usual, which
means convening in an actual venue for the workshop, might present challenges
in terms of participants’ health. For this reason, per the organizing committee’s
decision, YEP-D 2020 will be happening online.
As we do every year, we present you the following frequently asked questions
and answers part, in order to provide the essential information about YEP-D.

Q1. What is YEP-D?

YEP-D is a 36-hour marathon of economic policymaking simulation, which aims
to provide its participants insights and real time policymaking experience
through scenarios that address a different type of economic problem in each

Q2. Are there any prerequisites for application?

Anyone who is at their 3rd and 4th year in their undergraduate economics
studies, as well as first year graduate economics students are qualified to apply
for participation. Selection committee evaluates applications on a merit-based
system. This year, some of the scenarios will most probably require you to use
statistical softwares, thus having a fundamental level of knowledge on one of
those programmes (R, Stata, even MS Excel) is highly recommended.

Q3. Are participants going to work on their own or as teams?

Teamwork is an essential part of YEP-D. There will be 5 teams, formed as teams
of 6 participants. One of the goals of YEP-D is to promote teamwork, foster
students’ ability to communicate on complex issues in an efficient way and
cultivate more efficient decision making processes.

Q4. What are the “musts” and must nots” for YEP-D?

Since we are taking the workshop to online stage this year, packing a bag with
necessary items is no longer relevant. However, having adequate amount of
coffee is crucial! In addition to this, please make sure that your internet
connection quality is sufficient for attending this workshop on Zoom.

Q5. Is it a competition?

In the past years, except 2016, there was not a competitive dimension of YEP-D.
However, one of the new features that we introduce this year is the competition
on team basis. After each task, teams’ policy proposals will be scored by the jury,
which consists of 5 economists. The team that collects most points after 6 tasks
will be named as the winner of YEP-D 2020 competition. Nevertheless, it is key
to keep in mind that competition is only one dimension of the workshop.

Q6. What happens after the selection process?

In case of admission to YEP-D, you will receive an e-mail that includes initial
briefing file, your team and its members, as well as all the wherewithal
information to get you started. You will also receive a list of recommended
readings to help you get prepared for the workshop.