Workshop Program

Date Time Event
Jul, 2016
09:00 AM
Welcome Speeches & 1st Keynote Address: Overview of the U.S. Economy
10:30 AM
Delivery of the 1st Task Description
12:30 AM
Collecting the 1st Task Report & Delivery of the 2nd Task Description
03:30 PM
Delivery of the 3rd Task Description
05:30 PM
Collecting the 3rd Task Report & 2nd Keynote Address: Major Economic Indicators of the U.S. Economy and the Global Economy (Skype Call)
07:30 PM
Delivery of the 4th Task Description
09:30 PM
Delivery of the 4th Task Description
11:30 PM
Free Time
Jul, 2016
01:30 AM
Delivery of the 5th Task Description
03:30 AM
Collecting the 5th Task Report
05:00 AM
Delivery of the 6th Task Description & 3rd Keynote Address: What you have learned so far? (Skype Call) & Distribution of Snacks Box
07:30 AM
Collecting the 6th Task Report & Delivery of the 7th Task Description
09:30 AM
Collecting the 7th Task Report & Breakfast
10:30 AM
Delivery of the 8th Task Description
12:30 AM
Collecting the 8th Task Report & 4th Keynote Address: Turkey and the U.S. Economy
01:30 PM
Delivery of the 9th Task Description
03:30 PM
Collecting the 9th Task Report & Lunch Box
04:30 PM
Delivery of the 10th Task Description
06:30 PM
Collecting the 10th Task Report
08:30 PM
Closing Remarks and Farewell